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Why I Show Before & Afters

When I post images of the beautiful women that I photograph I hear things like:

“Oh yeah, but she’s pretty, I don’t look like that.”


I employ a talented hairdresser and makeup artist. We work with a wide variety of lovely ladies. We work together to inspire them to love themselves.

I am an advocate for self love and believing in a positive image of ourselves. In my eyes, all women are beautiful. That beauty comes from within. When we feel beautiful it oozes out of us and it’s that self-confidence and empowerment that helps me create the most beautiful images of that woman in front of me.

My photos are about inspiring women. The hair styling and makeup is like the icing on the cake – with it, or without it, we are all the same.

That stereotype that we may be trying to live up to, or feel that we can’t achieve, is very easy to achieve with the right tools.

So, when these lovely ladies see my work they feel good about themselves, empowered, beautiful.

With love,


P.S. What makes you feel good about yourself?