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The Phrases I Hear The Most

It makes me feel sad. “I nearly didn’t come”…yet she did come. She came in to the studio dreading what was to come.

When she booked her session she was excited and “couldn’t wait” to


be pampered and have her hair and makeup done. She couldn’t wait to have photos of herself like all the other women on my Facebook page and website.

Yet, something happened between then and now, the day of the shoot. Perhaps she started to doubt whether I could deliver what I promised…”to show her the most beautiful photos of her that she has ever seen”. Perhaps there was an element of fear. Fear, that I couldn’t do for her what I have done for so many other women.

But she’s here in my studio and I know why. It’s called trust. And I’m truly thankful that she has put her trust in me to do my job and deliver exactly what she is looking for.

We chat a little. We talk about what she will wear. She meets the girls, Emma & Mia, and the pampering begins. We get to know each other, tell stories, and laugh. Her hair is looking lovely and her makeup enhances her features.

Strangely all of the nerves have gone. She pops into her first outfit and we take our first shot. We talk, we laugh. She is having fun.

Once the last shot is taken it’s almost like she didn’t want it to end. Remembering this is the same woman who “nearly didn’t come”.

As she says goodbye, I notice a little skip in her step and she heads down the path. She looks and feels beautiful. She’s beaming.

Right at this point, not even having seen her images from the shoot, I know I’ve done my job and she knows that she came to the right place.

This is where I thank you…all the lovely women who have ignored reasons ‘why not’ and found reasons ‘why’ to trust me to make their portraits.

You are beautiful. Let me show you.

With love,


P.S. What's standing in your way?